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When Spiderman’s first edition was released in 1962, the impact it had on comic book fans and on teenegers all over the world was phenomenon.

It broke ground by the fact that for the first time a teeneger was the main superhero and not a sidekick of someone else, usually someone older then him.

The creators of Spider-Man presented Peter Parker as a regular high school kid with the same day-to-day problem of adolescence every teeneger is facing, and that was a character that all the kids could relate to. He was not a regular, undefeated, self-confident superhero. He was confused, insecure and  inexperienced teeneger, and he was no different than any other teeneger.

So it is no surprise why even after 50 years! people are still captivate by Spider-Man. That was the same for me.   Besides the fact that the story is good – the story MUST be good, otherwise nothing will stick – Peter Parker was a boy just like any one of us.

He loves a girl but he can’t reveal his secret identity. He is not the most popular kid at school, he doesn’t have a lot of money and he needs to learn everything by himself. Peter had to learn by himself and to grow up very quickly after his uncle was murdered by a burglar, a guy whom Peter saw and chose to let him go a few hours before the murder.

The most important lesson Peter learned from his uncle Ben was “with great power comes great responsibility“, one of the most famous sentences in comic history.

Spider-man’s first appearance was in 1962 in an edition called “Amazing Fantasy”.
In 2011 an original “Amazing Fantasy” edition was sold for 1.1 million dollars !

in 2002 the movie “Spiderman” was released, featuring a young actor name Tobey Maguire as Spiderman.
The actor seemed to be perfect for the role. He wasn’t tall, not so good looking (he was OK), he had a shy expression on his face and he had all the elements Peter Parker had in the story.

The studios probably thought the same as they cast him for the next two Spider-man films, together with the lovely Kirsten Dunst.

This website is all about MY #1 superhero. You will find here Spiderman games for kids, Spiderman movies and episodes and Spiderman Coloring Pages.

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